John Gilbert

Serial starter-upper John gave birth the DBAD Movement following a lively tryst between two other media projects he created. By amalgamating his experience in marketing, media, comedy and sociology; he has convinced himself and others that reducing dickheadery is an appropriate code to live by.

When not oversharing sordid details from his past; John is plying his trade as a social entrepreneur as Managing Director of eskimosoup through which he and colleagues create media and marketing for social good on issues such as early cancer detection, healthy lifestyles, child exploitation, mental health and relationship abuse.

Alex King

Globetrotter Alex’s latest tour of South East Asia might have been cut short due to COVID-19, though on the plus side she’s returned to the UK to provide the DBAD team the sense of reality and decency that might otherwise have been lacking.

When not asserting that anyone or everything that is considered cute couldn’t possibly be capable of dickheadery; Alex is a project manager at eskimosoup leading on campaigns to increase physical activity amongst toddlers and then when they are a bit older deterring them from smoking.

Iain Thompson

Human Swiss-army knife Iain is a filmmaker, actor, musician, caretaker and singer whose accolades include being a member of comedy royalty and an exceptionally good neighbour. DBAD’s resident storyteller has a mind palace of dickheadery he and his friends have committed and experienced over the years.

When not defending dickheadery outed by his partner; Claire, Iain is director of Storyboard Media though which he makes films that matter for local causes and prestigious clients around the world.